Outsourced CFO

Small and mid-sized businesses can’t always hire a full-time CFO. Ask how we can help you fill that role. Bookkeeping + More will take full responsibility for the financial side of your business, or we can function purely as a part-time CFO, managing your existing staff.

Every business is different, and we can custom design our services accordingly.

As part of our CFO services, we’re able to:

  • Manage small accounting offices
  • Supervise record keeping and planning
  • Oversee filing of payroll and taxes
  • Analyze major expenses and financial risk
  • Orchestrate security and systems for financial reporting
  • Work with CPA’s to prepare for tax returns
  • Forecast both revenues and expenses
  • Develop financial models
  • Prepare management, reimbursement and T & E reports
  • Manage accounts payable and receivable