A growing business needs dedicated support in key areas. When you hire an experienced bookkeeper, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all record keeping and expenses are documented and ready for your CPA and the IRS. That means all expenses, deposits, credit cards, cash receipts and PayPal transactions are organized and kept up-to-date on a weekly basis. At Bookkeeping Partners LLC, we even go the extra step by preparing a binder each calendar year with all of your financials. Our #1 priority is to take care of your books, so you can concentrate on your business.

For over 30 years, Bookkeeping Partners LLC has been helping clients organize their record-keeping to streamline accounting. This saves you time, resources and money. When you work with us, we’ll ask for your company’s bank statements, credit cards, cash receipts and any other slips that need to be reconciled. We’ll also be looking for information on any independent contractors or vendors who have been paid over $600. In addition, we’ll require you to provide Federal ID numbers, contact information and your address. We “go by the books” and follow best practices to keep you out of trouble.

Every new client asks, “how much time will it take to work on my books?” At Bookkeeping Partners LLC, we know that it depends on how much business you have. We also take into consideration how many checks you write and the number of credit cards your company is using. Every industry and firm is different. We work on a monthly basis, by the hour, in an organized fashion. It doesn’t matter if you’re big, small or somewhere in between. If you have a staff of 100 or are a solopreneur, prices will naturally vary. But, not the service.

Most clients have their own CPA and are usually satisfied with their service. In the event that you don’t have a CPA or are interested in interviewing a new one, we’re happy to recommend a few based on your location and needs. At Bookkeeping Partners LLC, we work hand-in-hand with your CPA and want just as much as you, to have a smooth working relationship. Ask us if you need help finding a qualified CPA with an outstanding reputation.

It goes without saying that every client should be concerned about privacy and security breaches, especially when it concerns their financial information. At Bookkeeping Partners LLC, the data you provide is kept secure on computers that are password protected and supported 24/7 by an IT company with an impeccable record. In almost three decades, we’ve never had a data breach and carefully monitor our systems to ensure that your information is safe.

For every client at Bookkeeping Partners LLC, we provide a comprehensive binder with all bank and credit card reconciliations, and cash receipts for that year. It’s user-friendly, organized and includes all the information we’ve asked for, to stay up-to-date. In a few instances, clients that have been audited by the IRS have used this same binder to present their records. In every case, IRS agents were satisfied with the company’s bookkeeping practices and were thankful for detailed files.